Button-Fix -secret, secure and configurable fixings
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Type 1 Router Multi Jig
Type 1 Bonded fix plate illustration for surface mounted adhesive pad Type 1 Bonded Fix illustration -rebated adhesive pad fitting
Abrade surfaces with emery cloth
and clean with isoproyl alchohol
surface mounted
rebated fix
Type 1 Router Multi Jig used on panel surface Type 1 Router Multi Jig used for rebating a Flush fix plate to a panel end
The Router Multi Jig Accessory
accurately machines the rebates
for the Type 1 Fix Plates, see
illustrations below.
The jig is designed for use with
a metric 12mm cutter and 18mm
guide bush. Instructions are
supplied with the accessory.
rebated fix in panel surface for example
rebated Flush fix in panel end
Self Adhesive Pad for Type 1 Bonded Fix Plate
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