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EGR MarkerLite™ ultra high gloss surfaces are suitable for use as writing display boards in conjunction with Liquid Chalk™ marker pens. MarkerLite™ panels guarantee resistance to all types of marker pens for writing applications around the home, office, educational or institutional uses. MarkerLite™ can be installed without mechanical fixing to vertical surfaces or walls.

Standard Sizes

Colour: AZURE-03 Colour: FROSTY-02 Colour: ICE-01 Colour: OLIVE-08 Colour: LATTE-05 Colour: MIDNIGHT-07 Colour: RHINO-09 Colour: TUNGSTEN-06 Colour: RED-04 ICE-01 FROSTY-02 AZURE-03 LATTE-05 TUNGSTEN-06 RED-04 RHINO-09 OLIVE-08 MIDNIGHT-07

Colour options:

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